Meet the talent!

Atelier Nvg is a small pottery studio in Zoersel, Belgium. Originating from pure love for ceramics,
every masterpiece is unique and is created manually with great care and enthusiasm. Whether it’s a turntable mode,
hand building or casting clay technique, this variety is what makes it so captivating!

Here is how it all began.

“I first got acquainted with clay in 2017 at pottery course led in France by widely known ceramist
Jan Welffens. It captured immediately. After just a few lessons, my own turntable was a fact.
Now the ongoing workshops keep me busy with clay on a daily basis and I learn a lot from various experienced
ceramicists. What started as a hobby has become a mild form of “healthy addiction”.

My family gives me space to grow further and I am grateful for that!”

From a ball of clay to a artisanal cup or a bowl, every creation is burnt first at 950°C. Then glazed and burnt once again but this time at 1240°C.
The process is a long run and it requires a lot of patience. At the end, the whole work is done with “clay” enthusiasm!

“Perfect in the imperfection” – it doesn’t have to be all too tight

Love for ceramics
Together with atelier Nvg