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Dignité /di-ni-te/ easy recognizable from French as ‘dignity’, stands both for Antwerp based gemstone bracelets creative studio
and a multivendor marketplace supporting small business and Belgian local craftsmen.
The entity is run by IGI (International Gemological Institute) Graduated Gemologist. In outline, gemologist is the one who identifies, grades
and appraises gemstones. Whereas gemstone is a mineral crystal used in cut and polished form to create jewelry and adornments.


Dignité story dates back to 2018 Tucson, USA.


“That year it was my first attendance at the Gemstone Fair held in Tucson, Arizona. In a flash, I’ve discovered hundreds of gemstones and minerals
sparkling around me. Rock crystal, Tiger’s eye, Amethyst, Turquoise, Onyx, Smoky quartz, Hematite, Lapis lazuli… The illumination was rife!

In the end it all has changed my concepts about the treasures of nature.

Colors of Earth in your hand, masterpieces on your wrist – that was the inspiration and main catch of my trip.

Returning to Antwerp, I decided to go forward and to bring my concept to life. In 2020 I got my Graduated Gemologist degree at IGI Antwerp. This knowledge gives me confidence in the choice of trusted rough material suppliers who follow both legal and ecological standards, respecting labour rights and human aspects.

When all gemstone beads are finally here in Antwerp, I begin to create a magical assembly of vibrant stones into a bracelet.
Step by step, stone by stone, I started to notice my bracelets on Antwerp’s wrists. That’s the best feedback of my work!”


Twist and mingle sets from Accessories, Skincare, Crafts, Home Deco and Vintage displays.
Get inspired with gift ideas for beloved ones, family and friends, significant others.


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Only Natural Gemstones - Onyx Pyrite Hematite Agate Tiger's Eye Smoky Quartz Malachite Angelite Rock Crystal Rose Quartz Opal Carnelian Freshwater Pearl