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Gift set 'Khiva'


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Gift set ‘Khiva’ includes

  • organic silk decorated sketchbook A4 (50 sheets)
  • organic silk double-faced bookmark
  • gemstone bracelet assembled upon fabric pattern
  • rigid cardboard gift box


Bracelet ‘Khiva’ is nicely packed in Dignité Eco-leather poach.
Gemstone beads quality AAA

Atelier Silk Road together with Dignité has created one-of-a-kind collaboration gift set collection for those of you who appreciate both beauty and art, aesthetics and ethnical craftsmanship, sustainable business and intercultural support. The idea of paired gift sets has been unexpectedly ignited in profile discussion with graduated gemologist of Dignité on one of craftsmen meetings. Indeed, it often happens that chance encounters fetch vibrant projects.

In outline, gemologist is the one who identifies, grades, and appraises gemstones. Whereas gemstone is a mineral crystal used in cut and polished form to create jewelry and adornments.

Just like the colorful folklore pattern of oriental traditional fabric is assembled manually thread by thread, the topnotch gemstone bracelets by Dignité are mounted bead by bead. Over and above, these processes involve masterful creativity driven by passionate imagination. Though the leading role is played in core by nature itself, as the inherent beauty of both organic textile colorants and mineral crystals originates from the very essence of the world we live in.

High quality materials in skillful refinement  provide pleasantness in daily use and durability. Every gift set is one-of-a-kind displaying unique unrepeatable pieces of signature fabric and gemstone bracelet in pattern designed exclusively upon the weave framework. The variety of collections includes organic silk, organic cotton and vintage cotton series with 2 stationery formats – sketchbook A4 and notebook A5. All craft items are designed and assembled in Belgium. Materials origin from sustainable sources presenting premium quality selections.

Set ‘Khiva’ got its name after Khiva city which is located in the heart of Central Asia. Its chronicle stretches back millennia. The old legend about Khiva founding tells that it grew up around the well named Kheivak, the water from which had an amazing taste. The well itself was dug by the order of Shem – the son of the biblical Noah. The history and appearance of the city have always enraptured both travelers and its conquerors. The inner city of Khiva surrounded by impregnable walls – the pearl of the Khorezm oasis – has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Located at the crossroads of cultures, Khiva has soon become one of major intellectual centers of Oriental world. By means of the Silk Road trade and communication wide channels, the fundamental works on mathematics, geography, geodesy were known in Europe and have not lost their significance to this day.

Bracelet ‘Khiva’ depicts the signature fabric pattern featured as the focal motif of present gift set. Visualization is carried by faceted Cacholong Opal (white), Malachite (verdant green), matte Hematite (carbon grey) and Mookaite in color variety.

The center piece of this patchwork composition is the transition from decorative gemstones to ornamental rocks, revealing the interweaving trade diversity of Khiva agglomeration.

Since the very antiquity, Malachite has been known both as a natural mineral pigment in green paints and as a highly prized ornamental material, thanks to vibrant shades. Because of its fine color and rarity in ancient world, Malachite was used in hardstone carving technique for objects with ritual and religious purposes, engraved gems and signet rings, noblemen belt hooks and august vessels.  It has been repeatedly featured in notable artworks of Russian jeweler Peter Carl Fabergé.

Cacholong Opal is also known from the immemorial, it has been appreciated for its pure, even, milky color. Buddhist beliefs associated Cacholong with white lotus – the flower of purity and tenderness. While ancient Egyptians endowed this gemstone with poetic meaning of petrified moonlight.

Satellite stones to Malachite and Cacholong Opal in ‘Khiva’ bracelet are Mookaite and Hematite. Both rocks come from pre-historical sedimentary layers and have been known to mankind since the dawn of civilization. Strong evidences of these materials usage date back to the Stone Age. The red chalk writing of Hematite was one of the earliest in the human history. The powdery mineral was first used possibly for social purposes, that later led to the separation of ocher as a pigment. Whereas Mookaite, as silicified type of Radiolarite, is a very hard rock and therefore was extensively used by stone-age men for tools and weapons. It has therefore been called the iron of the Paleolithic.

The cornerstone of atelier Silk Road metier, that crowns every single item created, is authentic native silk manufactured in parochial areas of Uzbekistan, Central Asia. Traditional weaving involves ethnical passionate creativity lead by local folklore and ancient myths. Manual processing and natural dyes make every piece of this signature silk out-and-outer. Touch the thousand-year history of Asian textile craftsmanship. Experience the unique and tender feeling of flowing silk on the tips of your fingers.

Every pattern represents a story of life, vivid emotions, hopes and aspirations, great and pure love. Immerse yourself into the inner sanctum of the legend behind this unique silk image.

They say that once the mighty ruler of Margilan fell in love with a village girl and wanted to take her to his harem. But the girl’s fiancé, a simple weaver, begged not to destroy their happiness. The ruler set a condition: by morning, the weaver had to create something that would make the ruler forget about the beauty of his bride. In despair, the weaver sat on the bank of watercourse. Suddenly he saw in the water the reflection of clouds, painted in all colors of the rainbow.

All night he worked at the loom and by the morning he had created an extraordinary fabric. Weightless as a cloud, cool as mountain air and iridescent with all the colors of the rainbow.

“How did you manage this?” asked overwhelmed ruler the weaver.

“I took the green of the foliage washed by the rain, added the color of tulip petals, the blush of the dawn, the blue of the night sky, the glare of the sun on the rapidly flowing water… the radiance of my beloved’s eyes”

The ruler let the lovers go in peace. Since then, the unusual fabric was called “Khan atlas” – royal silk.

Nowadays this type of fabric is known all over the world as “ikat”. It is the most unique among many of Uzbek natural silk kinds.