Meet the talent

Symbow Wonder Chambers is a Belgian vintage and antique shop run by the family couple since 2017.
Started as a simple idea driven by the impulse of passion, Symbow Wonder Chambers ambitious project has evolved into the brand.

Was it easy for them? Of course, it was! We live in the time of thousand opportunities.

Just follow their recipe – all you need is a touch of passion underscored by boldness, intuition as a compass joined in with creativity,
a pinch of felix felicis and, for fair, a broad shoulder of your fellow to lean on. Season it with a nimble van, blend with dry and spacious storage
and here you are! It’s like bringing child’s dream to life. Who has ever wanted an attic full of curiosities?
That’s how it all began.


“Once upon a time in Antwerp, a girl from a century-old portrait looked through the crowd right at us at a flea market
on the breathtaking Grote Markt square. Balancing on the verge of obsession with the feeling of sacred animation, as if it were alive,
we bought the photograph from a traveling paddler. Exposed at home on a shelf with other outlandish objects,
the portrait of the girl has soon assumed the throne of attraction for everyone who ever beheld.

Gradually we got carried away with antiques and retro turning into frequenters at local flea markets, auctions and fairs. All together,
it ignited the idea of Symbow Wonder Chambers as an opportunity to tell the world all these stories faded into history
and to share with you all those hidden gems we incessantly discover.”


At a glance, the union may seem quite bizarre – on the one hand, a passionate collector with a thirst for past centuries art,
and on the other – a true hero of our time, highly convinced humanist and eco-defender with sharp focus on nowadays technologies.
In many respects, exactly this extraordinary DNA of the project begot it easy going.

They never shun to learn, to explore and to master, devoting every day to things they love. Thanks to that, Symbow team is particularly proud
to work independently. This is mainly the message to those of you who follow the dream and act responsibly, just like they do!


In love with vintage
Together with Symbow